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Introducing the Hare Winston 2020 collection of watches-versace replica watches

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Right from the outset, we kick off in true Hare Winston style with gold glitter and iconic complications. For this brand, it is their essential combination of sport and elegance.

Crafted in white and rose gold, these two watches feature mother-of-pearl dials and round brilliant diamonds in 18-carat. These diamonds are placed along the perimeter of the watch's bezel, lugs and subdials, and total 199 in all.

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On the dial, the hours and minutes are displayed on the largest circular subdial; there is a retrograde seconds display at 8 o'clock and another retrograde display at 4 o'clock showing the days of the week. The date is then indicated by a circular aperture at 6 o'clock.

For the retrograde indication, the seconds display will, of course, perform a dramatic reset every half minute. However, the date display will keep you on edge; when midnight on Sunday crosses over to Monday, a dramatic reset will take place.

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Ocean Biretrograde 36 mm, 18K white gold on a diamond-set 18K white gold bracelet

The elegance of this timepiece is not just in the sparkling stones used,longines replica watches but also in the intricate mother-of-pearl layering that creates the stepped dial. As for the sporty aspect, it is not just the complications on the dial, for in addition to the two different alligator leather straps in pearl, matching metal straps are available, either as individual metals, finished to Hare Winston's exacting standards, or in true Hare Winston style, completely shiny.

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